‘A tiny Band-Aid on a gaping wound’: Why crowdfunding can’t fill gaps in U.S. health care

As the CEO of Vancouver-based FundRazr, Darryl Hatton sees that drama unfold on a daily basis. Hatton founded the site in 2010 and has helped raise more than $70 million for a variety of causes.

More than 75 per cent of the campaigns on the site are American. He said Canadians raise funds for medical expenses as well, but mostly for costs not covered by provincial health-care plans.

Fundrazr CEO Daryl Hatton says medical campaigns on crowdfunding sites point to gaps in the health-care system and show where improvement is needed in the social safety net. (Fundrazr Handout)

Erin Fisher’s problems began in 2016, when she was pregnant with her second daughter. Her blood pressure had increased to the point where in order to protect both mom and baby, doctors felt it necessary to schedule the delivery three weeks early.